Praise for The Inexplicable Laws of Success

This is one of the most complete books on success that I have ever read. It combines elements of self-help, spirituality, business and philosophy in a most remarkable way. Thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring. I highly recommend it to anyone ready to usher in lasting, positive change into their lives.
~ Ravi Naik (Engineer, ‘Compassionate Samurai’)


Fascinating, as it is powerful. The Inexplicable Laws of Success would benefit every coach (regardless of discipline), every entrepreneur, every speaker, every teacher, every parent… and everyone else not mentioned.
~ Alicia Morrison (Owner: Morrison Consulting)


The Inexplicable Laws of Success takes you on a journey, the journey of “success.” It will teach you exactly what it takes to be successful in life regardless of what success means to you. I wish I had learned the information contained in this book when I was still a teenager. My life would be a whole lot more enriching.
~ Kresant Mahilall (Director at Rank Higher)


WOW!! – It is indeed fascinating, compelling reading. I have read it cover to cover. I believe it is a compendium of collective wisdom of the ages. It is easy to read, written in simple English language, explanation of some complex concepts and phenomenon are convincing and influential. It is a manual which can be used as a step by step guide for self-development and improvement. I believe it should be made compulsory reading for all high school students.
Eshwar Vasista (Engineer, Entrepreneur)


New and different… very different! It shows the path to success from a completely unique perspective. Study it and reach your highest goals and aspirations with greater ease and confidence.
~ Samuel Tesfay (Owner: Silva Method Australia Pty Ltd)


When presented with The Inexplicable Laws of Success, I said to myself, “Oh, no; not another self-help book!” Then I read the book, and what an awakening it was. If you have dreams for greater success in life, make it a priority to read this book. You will make a quantum leap in your understanding of success!
~ Peter Turnbull (Actor, Educator)


Powerful; unlike any other self-help book. It’s sheer brilliance in the way it distils pertinent information and explains the Universal Laws of Success. It starts by explaining your divine connection with the Universe. It then describes the Law of Attraction in a refreshing new way using a trademarked concept called the Success Continuum®. This is followed by a clarification of the concept of ‘BE, DO and HAVE’, and a detailed explanation of the Law of Being, the Law of Doing and the Law of Having, all of which are brought to a magnificent close with yet another trademarked concept called the Ultimate Success Formula®. Prepare to be enlightened and inspired, every step of the way.
~ Aroona Naidoo, Educator and Reiki Master


Profound! Knowing the authors as I do, I am not surprised at the insightful and practical nature of the information provided.
~ Bala Balakrishnan (Owner, Director: Source2win Pty Ltd)


The authors, Virend Singh and Verusha Singh are virtually unknown in the self-help realm, but certainly not unknowing when it comes to self-help concepts. They have done an exceptional job explaining the subtle things, or rather, the hidden truths that separate the ‘best’ from the ‘rest’.
~ Matthew Morey (Owner, Salmacis)


This book is a game-changer. It contains timeless truths that all of us should embrace. Read it and you will attain a whole new perspective about reality and what it takes to live more effectively.
~ Jim Gribilas (Business Coach, Entrepreneur)


This book is for every person aspiring to live an enriched, meaningful and fulfilling life. It educates; it enlightens; it motivates; it inspires; it entertains; and, most importantly, it awakens your spirit to live life more effectively. It’s one of a kind. Enjoy!
~ Rita Amarasinghe (Accountant)


This book contains all the ingredients for anyone, regardless of their current position in life, to be able to enjoy a lifestyle of abundance. It is comprehensive and well researched, but at the same time clear, concise and easy to follow.
~ Greg Mickan (Roo Marketing)


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